Sylvia Weser

Sylvia Weser

She was born in 1954 in Poland. When she was four years old her family moved to Germany. From her childhood on, during her education on High school and later on College drawing and painting were her favourite activities.
Her whole live she had been fascinated by classical painters and sculptors like Michelangelo. The smile of the next neighbour’s child or a picture in a magazine could be as inspiring to her as her own fantasy.

She lived and worked in a very scenic house, located on a wide piece of land with a beautiful panoramic view on untouched nature in a little village near the city of Munich. Her house was her studio. It is furnished with many antiques, old paintings, sculptures and the whole ambience was very inspiring for her works, because she had a favour for beauty and aesthetic. She needed a harmonic atmosphere and a balanced state of mind to be creative. Creating dolls was the most important part of her live. To make people happy with her work and to feel the positive response, which she got from her collectors, made her work to her "dream job".

To be individually accepted through her artistic work and having a personal relationship to her collectors was one of her most important driving forces.

1988 she started to create porcelain dolls. All her dolls are made out of the finest Limoges (France) porcelain which is used since centuries for the most exquisite china. Only porcelain has the transparent surface structure, which allows creating the special detailed, translucent look of human skin and porcelain is not changing its character forever. The editions were limited to a maximum of three dolls only, but later she prefered to create One-Of-A-Kinds.
Every doll is signed on the neck with "Sylvia Weser Original" and the year and has a certificate of authenticity.

In her opinion a piece of Art has to be made by the artist even in the smallest detail and not by a helper; this was one major reason for the exclusivity of her work, that's why she did all her work by herself.

While others are downsizing, her dolls mostly remain large between 30 cm ( 12”) and 130 cm (50”). Even though handling huge porcelain parts is more complicated and requires greater effort. She thought the illusion of a real child is stronger with a larger doll. She also found out, that her customers think big dolls are more expressive as decorating objects.

The bodies are made from leather, because this material is natural, skin-like and robust. The dolls came with a full skeletal armature so that they are poseable and stable.
Her dolls were entirely made from white porcelain. After being high fired she painted every porcelain part of the doll up to eight times depending to the darkness of the skin. Each painting layer needed to be fired separately. She only used the best mouth blown crystal glass eyes from Germany. This German tradition of glass blowing has been famous and unique for centuries.

The wigs she was using are individually manufactured for every piece. They were her own design and made from real European human hair. A special passion is the design and costuming of her creations. She collected antique fabrics, laces, trimmings and decorating materials from all over the world and used them for the exquisite wardrobe of the dolls.

Her most rewarding artistic experience was the first invitation to the show "Masterpieces of the World" of Team Creative in New York in the year 1995, her first time in the United States of America; her collection sold out after the first 20 minutes. What a Welcome!

Sylvia Weser died much too early in June 2020. The world lost a wonderful person and a great artist.
She always wanted, that her soul lives on in her dolls. So she stay every day with us.


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